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As addiction rehab advisors affiliated with Asheboro Drug Treatment Centers, we have the necessary resources that are readily available to us at any given time to partner you or your loved one with a top-notch addiction treatment facility in our top-tiered network. Despite the nature and severity of your addiction, there is always hope. Whether you’re seeking a drug treatment center in Asheboro, North Carolina, or anywhere else in the U.S. that offers high-quality care and addiction treatment, there very well may options available for you. The only way to know for certain is to make to one call that may significantly impact your future in the most positive of ways.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction, coined in the simplest of definitions, describes a disease of the brain that is manifested through a compulsive need to use and abuse addictive substances and/or engage in addictive behaviors despite the negative consequences associated with them. Those with a problem with substance abuse tend to have such an intense focus and priority when it comes to obtaining the addictive substance of their choice that it takes over every aspect of their life.

Addiction is very powerful. It has the ability to control one’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors in order to feed their toxic habit for as long as it takes. It distorts their overall perspective on life, as well as making a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of the addicted individual.

To truly understand the full concept of addiction is only possible if you are an addict, or have lived with an addict. The concept of drug and alcohol addiction has been circulated throughout the mass-mediated world that we live in. There have been many arguments made that take the ideology of the opposition of what addiction truly means into consideration.

Some have said that rather than attacking an addict with bombarded questioning or poorly approached intervening of one’s substance abuse problem is never the right answer. We absolutely agree with this creed. It is not always about the approach to preaching lifelong sobriety to an addict, but yet, the connection based on the proper approach to help the addict to realize that their lives are becoming unmanageable.

Even if one were to function normally in the midst of their addiction, in that they maintain their daily responsibilities without falter, addiction still takes its toll. It can easily destroy everything in one’s path with the blink of an eye. This, amongst a series of valid reasons, is why seeking the help of the addiction rehab advisors affiliated with Asheboro Drug Treatment Centers is necessary.

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While many have made the arguments that addiction is a disease that one cannot rid themselves of on a whim, others have stated that addiction is a hedonistic pursuit, in that it’s simply a way to engage in behaviors that cause pleasurable feelings for means of “having a good time.” In fact, addiction is not a hedonistic pursuit, as it is primarily perceived as a grueling and maladaptive way of forming relationships with other people to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. 

It also may be perceived as a way of having an inability to present oneself in their true light, as to shield themselves with an ironclad force field to disallow people to see them for what they really are. This is more of an escaping measure that is commonly utilized for addicts caught in the brink of active addiction.

Despite whatever perception one may have of addiction to drugs and alcohol, addiction is a serious matter and receiving professional treatment is the only option to maintain sobriety for a lifetime. Seeking a high-quality rehab center for addiction treatment in Asheboro, North Carolina, for instance, may be highly advisable for those that reside within the nearby surrounding areas and wish to seek treatment at a rehab within close proximity to their place of residence.

If you are in need of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, call Asheboro Drug Treatment Centers now. We can help find you the right addiction rehab center in our network to get you started on a bright future that is no longer controlled by drug and alcohol addiction. Call (336) 698-3366 now.

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